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A leader in global forecasting and quantitative analysis, Oxford Economics offers the world's most advanced economic forecasting portfolio. Our services include publications, databanks and models on three key areas: economics, industries and cities. We also provide specialized services on the UK.


Country Economic Forecasts: timely analysis and forecasts on 190 countries. More
Global Economic Databank: a comprehensive forecast database on 190 countries. More
Global Economic Model: an integrated global model for forecasting and scenario analysis. More
Weekly Economic Briefings: latest global economic and policy developments in key markets. More
Commodity Price Forecasts: monthly reports on commodity price trends and forecasts. More
Pre-prepared spreadsheets for 190 countries.


Global Industry Forecasts: quarterly analysis and forecasts on nine key industries. More.
Monthly Industry Briefings: monthly updates on latest industry trends in nine key industries. More.
By-Country Industry Forecasts: quarterly industry data, forecasts and charts on 68 countries. More.
Global Industry Databank: a rigorous forecast database on industry trends in 68 countries. More.
Global Industry Model: an integrated model covering 85 sectors across 12 key countries. More.


European Cities and Regional Forecasts : quarterly forecasts for over 2,000 locations in Europe. More.
Asian Key Cities and Regional Forecasts : quarterly forecasts for over 30 locations in Asia. More.


UK Macro Analysis: detailed forecasts and analysis for the UK economy. More.
UK Sector Analysis: detailed forecasts and analysis for UK sectors. More.
UK Regional Analysis: detailed forecasts and analysis for the UK economy for the Governement Office Regions. More.
Country Economic Forecast
UK Weekly Brief
UK Economic Outlook
UK Sectoral Prospects
UK Consumer Outlook
Forecast Databank: download historic data and forecasts More.
UK Economic Model
UK Regional Model
UK Industry Model


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